Easy Guide to Ordering Blazer Badges

We don’t charge VAT !!

1) Quantity: Our minimum order is ONE Badge.

2) Size: Our “usual” size to fit onto a Blazer Pocket is 4” x 4”
But any size is achievable.

3) Colour of FELT background : Your choice from BLACK, NAVY, MAROON, BOTTLE GREEN, ROYAL BLUE, SCARLET, CREAM + a small range of other colours.

4) Shape of Badge : Either Shaped to follow the contours of your Badge or Square / Rectangular cut.

5) Padded or Flat – padded Badges give a more “3D” effect.

6) GOLD and/or SILVER wire + SILK THREADS are used as standard.

7) If LATIN words are to be included PLEASE SPELL the words.

8) WHEN is the LATEST date you can receive your Badge, given our Standard published lead time of 6 weeks from date of order.

9) If you require a Badge with NO WIRE used, please advise us and we will use SILK threads throughout your Badge.

10) After you order is accepted, we will provide ( by email ) artwork for your approval, and a Proof Badge for final checking.

Every Badge we make is given the same care and attention to detail, whether your order is for ONE Badge or ONE HUNDRED.

Our Badges carry a Guarantee of Satisfaction so, if you raise any issues that need attention or amendment, we will put this right for you, or if a problem remains, return the Badge to us and your payment will be fully refunded     ( guaranteed ).