Civic Wire Badges

WIRE BLAZER BADGES UK have been making high quality, hand – made Civic Badges for Councils and Town Criers for many years.

We are often asked to make very complex Coats of Arms in Wire and Silk thread and we are always confident that our Craftsmen will rise to the challenge and create really beautiful Embroidered Badges, which will delight the Town Councils , Civic Organisations or Town Criers.

All we require is a good quality colour photo of the Crest or Coat of Arms and we begin by producing a piece of Black and White artwork which is emailed to the Customer for checking and approval.

We then move to phase two when we make the actual Badge, by hand, complete in every respect but left Raw or unfinished for the time being in case any correction is required.

The Raw Badge is emailed to the Customer for final checking and approval and after approval is received, the Badge is finished to a high standard and despatched to the Customer.

To fully appreciate the work that goes into the making of a complex embroidered Badge, please have a look at the examples shown on the CIVIC EXAMPLES PAGE

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