Bowls Club Wire Badges

Wire Blazer Badges UK continue their association with Bowls Clubs throughout the UK by supplying high quality Blazer Badges to Club Presidents, Committee Members, Secretary, Treasurers etc and
we also supply Blazer Badges to County Bowling Associations – and we have great pride in supplying the OXFORDSHIRE BOWLING ASSOCIATION for over 25 years with their County Badges.

Your Club can have its own high quality Gold or Silver Wire Blazer Badge with Silk Thread colours and with our minimum order quantity of just ONE Badge, any member of your Club can wear the Club Badge at a very affordable price. Any Title can be added below the Badge, at no extra charge, so even titles such as COMPETITION SECRETARY or GREEN KEEPER can be accommodated.

If you have Club Anniversary on the calendar, or perhaps a Tour scheduled, then think what a Special Edition Blazer Badge would do for morale and Team Spirit.

If your Club Badges are a little tired, we can replicate accurately your current Badge, which will last many more years and look splendid when you arrive for a match.

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