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How long will it take to create my badge?

Delivery takes about 5 weeks from receiving your original badge or design. Pay only when completely happy, and against our invoice which will be sent to you with your Badge. This offer will enable you to “Try us out”  To give you the opportunity to purchase a SINGLE Badge of the highest quality at a fraction of the cost that other Badge providers charge.

The Blazer Badges supplied by A.G. Products are hand-made by Craftsmen who employ skills and techniques rarely seen in our modern world.
Quality and attention to detail is important to us – so much so, if you are not completely satisfied with our Badge, then return it to us and pay nothing.

  • If you already own a Blazer Badge, but the badge is old or tired – we can make a NEW one for you.
  • If your Club Badge has changed or been updated – we can supply NEW Badges for you.
  • If you have always wanted a Blazer badge but the cost was prohibitive – then check out our amazing LOW PRICE – from just £24.95 for a brand new Badge.

We would like to make you a very special offer, one which is possibly unique in our industry.

We can make, for you, a Single – One Off Blazer Badge at an amazingly low cost! Simply send us by post or email, details of your badge and we will make a beautiful, full size Blazer Badge for you, utilizing Gold or Silver wire + coloured threads.

The cost of your Badge will be from just £24.95 + vat  + delivery

Our badges are sent securely by recorded delivery. The special price quoted above relates to a badge that is no larger than 4″ x 4″ and has a design of average content.

We can work from an existing Badge, a colour photo, a coloured Sketch or finished artwork. The Badge we supply will be full size (to fit a blazer pocket) and will be embroidered onto black felt (the traditional material for Blazer Badges).